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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ramayana on Mobile Phone

Ramayana on your mobile

P.R. Harikumar, a selection grade lecturer in the Malayalam Department of Sree Sankara College, Kalady, has fed three `kandas' of the Ramayana in Malayalam into his mobile phone. The entire epic can be fed into the mobile phone, and one can simply browse through it, he says.
Mr. Harikumar has always been interested in reading Malayalam articles and poems on his mobile phone. It was during one of his Internet browsing that he came across an e-book reader software, which helps download Internet files, pages or text files to a Java-enabled mobile set. This prompted him to try and put the Ramayana into his mobile.
Mr. Harikumar set about the task and downloaded the all the Kandas from Ezhuthachan's `Aadyathmaramayanam' to his mobile. He says the entire Ramayana is a file with a size of 335 KB in Jar format . It would Mr. Harikumar feels that Malayalam language would find a new avenue through such usage and it would not be long when short message service in Malayalam would become popular. It is now available for a free download in his website.

Download Mobile Ramayanam