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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Neelakkannukal-India's first phone novel

India gets its first phone novel in Malayalam

“Neelakkannukal”(Blue Eyes)-

Written & Presented by
P.R. Harikumar

Mobile phones, which have become an integral part of Indian life, are ushering in many changes in their lifestyle. The latest trend is an attempt at mobile fiction that has already attracted a considerable following in west.Phone novel is fiction that can only be read on cell phones.The first phone novel was published in Japan, titled Deep Love written by Yoshi. Later phone novels caught on in Korea China and Switzerland. Phone novels are also called SMS novels, Mobile novels, Cell phone novels and Mobile fiction.

The first phone novel to be released in any Indian language is Neelakkannukal (Blue Eyes) written by P.R.Harikumar, a lecturer in Malayalam, Sree Sankara College, Kalady.The size of the novel with all its six chapters is 70KB.This is embedded in a screen as a Java Application.Any Java enabled mobile phone is qualified enough for reading this Malayalam novel in its small screen. No other program or font is needed for the purpose
The story depicted in this novel-Neelakkannukal-is about a teacher who travels in wrong ways due to her ill-fated life conditions. The mental agony she feels due to the same is beautifully pictured in the novel. The novel is well received worldwide by the Malayalam readers who know literary beauty and computer technology.

Earlier, he has made the mobile editions of Adhyatma Ramayanam in Malayalam(340 KB in size) and Thirukkural in Tamil (110 Kb in size). Both of them made headlines in the media. P.R. Harikumar is a regular writer in Malayalam since 1980. He has published two story compilations and one critique. He has received the Thunchan Smarak Samman from Kerala Sahitya Akademi in 1988.()

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